Zach Doehler

A short story from Zach: 

“I took one photograph earlier this year called "Fire & Ice". The day I took that image, we had just received a heavy snowfall the night before. The whole city and surrounding areas were covered with at least six inches of snow, it was beautiful.

The weather also turned out nice that day. Since it was the weekend, I had time off and naturally wanted to go shoot. I met up with friends and we decided to head up one of the local mountains.

As I was driving up this plowed paved road, I grazed just a bit of powder that was on the side and it pulled my car into a steep ditch. Were it not for the tree that caught me, I would have rolled the car and likely totalled it. Thankfully, I was alright and managed to exit the car safely after it had come to a halt.

After a few hours, two large tow trucks came by and managed to pull my car out of this steep ditch. Despite the few dents and the fact my car was on a nearly 45 degree angle for a few hours, I managed to turn it on once it was back on the pavement.

After coming home, with no photos, I figured I wouldn't go out any more that day after what had happened. But I noticed the skies were gradually starting to light up for sunset, and I just couldn't resist capturing a sunset in a snowy landscape. So, I went and hopped in my dented car and drove down the road.

I ended up capturing a photograph of a road leading off into the sunset, that later became one of my most popular images to date. That sunset ended up being quite the silver lining to what seemed like a failed day.”