About Us

Art Photographer

I have always seen photography as a tool to connect with the world. Every captured moment is a capture in time itself; where people, places and ideas survive live forever. As the old saying goes, "actions speak louder than words". Well, photography turns actions into inmortal ideas that inspire and motivate the human race. Future generation will be able to look back at the "First Flight" to "The Man on the Moon" as a representation of our limitless potential. That very idea is powerful by itself. However, the ability of capturing emotions, achievements, and the human spirit on a single image is what inspired me to create the APX network.

      - Emiliano Serna CEO APX


Here at APX, we strive to capture the beauty of mother nature, the diversity of the human race and the variety of cultures that surround us. It sometimes takes another perspective to fully appreciate what the world has to offer. Hence our name APX. Translated to APEX meaning "the highest point." Let's explore together!


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